We provide all services dealing with the inventory, assessment and co-development of the INTENT of the Installation in regards to Real Property.

 We can also offer assistance in the development of Scopes of Work for RPMP efforts.

  • Consultancy

    We can provide consulting services in the RPMP and in some DPW and DPTMS/G3 Range arenas.

    We provide consulting services to "Land-Holding" Commands, such as INSCOM, AMC, NETCOM (ARMYCyber) etc. in the area of criteria development and facility functional assessment criteria.

    This consulting is also available to Combatant Commands structures such as SOCOM, Task Forces etc. helping to identify facility attributes that may need to vary from the Army Standards.

    We are also available for all RPMP activities from organizing Installation Planning Boards to assisting with special challenges like Stationing Analyses or other challenges the Installation may face.

  • Data Validation

    Data Validation; One of our strengths is validating the databases that exist (and invariably differ) at the Garrison and the Enterprise level. This would address all databases dealing with Real Property, Stationing and programming (all fund sources).

    Evaluating Program Data is another strong poit, cleaning up what the Installation still hanging out there in the programming spheres of the PAX Processor. These need to be cleaned out as they may reflect old and no longer needed or can be supported.

     In this age of Enterprise data and the ubiquitous access to that data by all levels of review, it is imperative the that data reflects what is really at the Installation and what they are basing their funding request on.

     Another way we can help is in the spot checking of Tenant generated ISR-I worksheets that invariably end up portraying the Installation facilities status to yet another Enterprise system.

  • Capital Investment Strategy

    We have developed a definition and a process for the ill-defined component of the RPMP. This has been briefed to HQIMCOM, but is not approved.

     "The CIS component portrays an Installation’s intent to address asset excesses and deficiencies."

     This statement of intent will include all program actions, including data base edits and information for the correcting of Force Structure document(s), to show contractor personnel and TDA / MTOE augmentations that are authorized space on the Installation.

    This analysis allows for fully supportable programming actions to be developed and be defended at all levels.

     The CIS involves a lot of what has been described in in the "Approach" section on this site.


    Link to initial phase process diagram

    Link to tertiary process diagram

     The development of the CIS can be accomplished in one effort or indeed in two. The only drawback in approaching the effort in two steps may be the Data Verification become out of date.

     If the effort is indeed conducted in two steps the findings of the initial phase can be corrected in the Enterprise before the subsequent phase is started.

     One of the tenets of our approach to the CIS is that the Installation develops their Facility INTENT, which can allow for the continuation of the effort event of long lead times for updating Enterprise databases.

A Program Action can be described as any resource required to change the capacity, use, condition, adequacy, availability or reporting of a facility
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